Get Qualified

Thinking of buying a home? Get qualified first!

Get Qualified

If you are just starting to think about buying a home, your first step should be to contact a lender. There is nothing worse than finding the home of your dreams to discover that you can’t afford it or that there are issues with your credit. There are a lot of issues that can be avoidable or fixed altogether by simply checking with a lender first. Most of the time, the first steps can be completed by phone.

Be prepared to talk to them about your credit history as well as where you have lived and worked in the past two years. Make sure you share with them any problems you might be concerned with like student loans or being a co-signer on another note. They will want to pull your credit at some point so be aware of this. You will want this done way ahead of purchasing the home so if there is anything that needs to be addressed beforehand, it can be addressed.

In this business I have seen some pretty far out things appear on credit histories that are totally unexpected. This is why I highly encourage you to seek out a lender and make sure you know you are qualified for a loan and for how much before you start our search. This alone will save you hours of time, headaches, worry and stress.

If you have no idea about the lending process or just need a lender, see my Lender Page for people that I recommend. These lenders specialize in many different loan programs, such as HUD homes, Renovation and VA loans. If you would like some suggestions on which direction you are thinking or should be thinking about going, just ask. I am here to help!

Take a look at all the information in the buyer resource section on the website. Normally, the better informed you are the smoother the transaction.