Searching Zillow and Trulia

Searching for a home on Zillow and Trulia? What you need to know!

Searching for a home on Zillow or Trulia?I frequently run across people that are searching for homes on Trulia and Zillow, which makes sense for those who are well versed online. The sites are easy to navigate, and have a wealth of information to offer. So what’s the problem? MUCH OF IT ISN’T ACCURATE! While these sites do have their uses, it can be very discouraging for the buyer.

Here is an example that happens about 90% of the time. A buyer searches on Zillow; they see this house that they absolutely love on the web. It is great, perfect, and wonderful, and you simply must see it now! So what happens? You call me with the address. I search the MLS. No house. I search under pending and sold homes. Guess what? There it is…. SOLD!!! This happens ALL the time.

While these sites do have some great area information, it is NOT updated in a timely manner, and that causes a lot of problems for both the buyer and their Realtor. Many of the homes you are viewing haven’t been updated in months, and are simply no longer available. This is especially the case in a HOT market, and we are in a HOT market right now in Nashville.

My opinion, stick to searching the MLS system. We are required by law to keep it up to date and accurate. Starting with the best information IS always the best option.


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