First time home buyers? What a deal!

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So recently I have been graced with slew of first time home buyers. Ahh, first timers. Nothing like them. Very attentive and careful with great hopes and dreams of what homeownership can be. I love it! It’s a big step, but it’s also a great financial decision. Most people love the hunt and ultimately moving in….

Lately, I am feeling jealous! Since when did rates get so low and deals so good? Government deals?!? That’s what I said… there are many, but I think the best thing going right now in Tennessee is THDA home loan programs. These are for first time home buyers only. (Fact: If you haven’t owned a home in the last 3 years, you are considered a first time home buyer all over again. Even if you owned before.)

One of my friends is buying her first home with a target purchase price around $110,000. With a THDA loan, her payment is about $750 a month! That is crazy cheap!! This is even including tax and insurance! Man, I bought my house 3 years ago and never thought rates would get this low!

Rates for THDA loans are as low as 5.45% today! This varies depending on your credit score (which if above 660, you can get 100 financing) and down payment information.

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If you have been pondering about buying a home, let me say this. “It is an exceptionally great time to buy a home. Rates will not remain this low for long. Trust me, it doesn’t get much better than this.” (Fact: About a decade ago rates where, on average 9%).

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