While there are many neighborhoods in and around the Nashville area, I wanted to highlight just a few of my very favorite ones so you can get a flavor of some of the more popular areas of town.

This is by no means an exhausted list of every great neighborhood in the area and I would love to hear from others about where and why they love where they live in and around the Nashville area. Who knows, I just might list what you write right here on the Neighborhood section of the website (with your permission, of course).

I started with a listing of the Area Schools because in many cases parents think about this first before deciding where to look for and buy a home. Please contact me  with any questions you may have about any local neighborhood; listed here or not.

Once you find a few neighborhoods you would like to look at, go to Search Homes to access the MLS listings. You can visit this real estate website at anytime to view as many homes as you would like.