Crieve Hall

Crieve Hall is located just off I65, about 20 minutes from Downtown Nashville, heading south. This area has seen a lot of growth and has changed considerably in the last few years, mostly due to its proximity and reputation for good schools. This is one reason that many couples move to Crieve Hall after starting a family.

The areas homes are made up of mostly brick ranch homes, which have received a BIG push of rehabs in recent years. This means you can find homes that have been upgraded to current styles and standards so you can get the location along with the great schools and rehabbed home.

Typically the resale of a home is very good in the Creive Hall neighborhood because homes tend to hold their value. Homes start around about $180k. Take note that at this price point this home usually would be one that needs some work.

Know going in that in this area prices can vary greatly depending on the location and square footage. However, most people who move here find it to be a great place to raise school aged children as well as one that is easy to get in and around the Nashville area.