Green Hills

Green Hills is located on the West side of Nashville, just off I-440, and south on Hillsboro Road. This area is one of the most commercially developed areas in Nashville. Known for its luxury, Green Hills has all the shopping you would ever need or want to do, and just about every type of restaurant you can think of.

Most people from other parts of town know Green Hills for it big luxury homes, Green Hills Mall and Whole Foods Market, located in the Hill Center, which is an open air mall. Traffic can get very heavy at times on Hillsboro Road, and most people that live on this side of town find alternate routes to in and out of the neighborhood, which are many.

Resale value is strong and price points are high in Green Hills and anticipated to stay that way well into the future. Needless to say, this is a very nice area of Nashville, schools are great, the YMCA is hopping and there is always something to do here. I personally love going out to the Greenhouse Bar, The Food Company, and Corner Pub – Green Hills, and know people that have to get their fix at Trader Joe’s every week.

Check them out as well as all my favorite neighborhoods in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas.