Information for Sellers

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Most likely your home is the most expensive thing you have ever bought. That alone makes some people weary of the thought of selling. However, if you get transferred or just need a larger home to accommodate your growing family or lifestyle you might have to face the fact that you need to sell your current home. Sometimes it helps to have a little bit of help and a lot of good information so you can make a great decision about when and for how much you should sell your house for. So if you want some assistance with the process, I am here to help!

I am well versed in the Nashville and surrounding areas and what it takes to get your home sold. Appealing to the types of people that would want to buy in your area and correct pricing are KEY! With that said, you may or may not have a lot to do before your home will be ready to sell so give yourself as much time as possible to plan for selling the house. Those who plan normally have a much smoother process than those that don’t so do the best you can with the time you have.

Sometimes you just want to know what your home would currently sell for today and that’s okay. Until you have that information you may not be able to even think about moving on to the next home, city or state.

If you are thinking of selling or just want to know what your home may be worth, give me a call. I can update you on the current market conditions, what to expect and advise you on the best way to present your home to potential buyers. It’s a potential partnership and I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you.


Want to know how much your home is worth? Fill out the information and relax and Andra Brewer will get back to you with the answer! There are great resources for sellers right here.