For those of you that are veterans to the home buying process, this may seem like a silly question, but for folks brand new to buying a home, you may have been wondering…

“Can my real estate agent show me other houses marked for sale, by other companies?”

ANSWER: Of course! As a licensed real estate professional, I can search, send and show all homes for sale in my area! With the exception of For Sale By Owners, or FSBO’s as we like to call them. I can typically find almost any home in the Area through¬†the MLS system.

Keep in mind, if you do see a FSBO that catches your eye, jot down the number. I can call and get any info on those too. Most people that are trying to sale their own home are also willing to work with a real estate professional. Is it just a matter of asking, which I am more than happy to do.

For more information or to find out where to search, just ask! I specialize in first time buyers!

Happy Hunting!