Hello all,

Christmas time is here again. Boy does time fly. They definitely weren’t kidding when they said “The older you get, the faster it’ll go.” Christmas is a wonderful time to be nice. Remember, someone out there has it WAY worse than you do.  And if you have one of those days you want to scream at the top of your lungs at someone, say your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancee’… remember they could be having a really bad day too. This is a peaceful time. Be nice!

Also, if you get a chance and live in the area, go see Opryland. It’s really beautiful and cozy there this time of year. The lights look awesome and the place is just cool in general. Too many people that live here never take advantage of Opryland. And it’s free to go walk around. Note: You can park at Opry Mills, by Dave and Buster’s, then just walk across the street and down the path to the hotel. Then parking is free too! They should replace me for Ms Cheap.Check it out! http://www.gaylordhotels.com/gaylordopryland/

Another great spot for the holidays is Cheekwood! http://www.cheekwood.org/
They also have a holiday celebration where you can go walk around the grounds and see trees decorated from all over the world. I think there is a fee of $10 to go there and tour the museum and everything, but they are running a special in January for $1 all month long! What a deal!

Hey locals, what are some of your favorite spots around Nashville for the holidays? Let me know and I’ll look into it!

Happy Holidays,