Hello all,

Just wanted to update those possibly reading this trying to decide where in Nashville you want to live. Now, I do love Nashville as a whole and there are many areas, that I, myself would love to live in, but I have to say, by far, I like East Nashville the most.

East Nashville has a great neighborhood feel. I have lived over here for 2 1/2 years and honestly I get the warm and fuzzies when I’m out and about.  Yesterday alone, I ran into my favorite man Jimmy, from Las Maracas. Hands down the best Mexican restaurant in Nashville. Well the best greasy, what you expect typical Mexican restaurant. I love RosePepper too, but it is more gourmet Mexican. Anyway, I saw Jimmy at the bank on Gallatin and he is always so friendly. I reminds me how much I love my neighborhood. Not to mention, when I go into my bank, they know who I am. I feel like my mom in our hometown. How awesome is it, to know people everywhere you go in a big city, like Nashville. People from my street wave when they pass me all over East Nashville. I really is a great side of town.

So today I have company in town and plan to take them to my very favorite East side joint. The Alleycat. It is hands down the BEST, I mean BEST burger ever. I know that is a strong statement, but it is. If you like pepper, this is the burger for you. It’s just seasoned perfectly. Unlike any burger you have ever had, the flavor, ahhh is it lunchtime yet? Go in there, get the  Monterey Burger and let me know what you think.

Happy eating,