Hello all,

Have any of you been out to Hendersonville lately? I have shown property out there here and there, but not a lot. Besides hitting up the lake and a haunted house once, I didn’t know much about it. I recently started working back in the service industry part time as a Server at Sam’s Bar and Grill at Indian Lakes. Wow! Indian Lake is huge! I didn’t know all that stuff was even there!

How convenient for anyone living the 65 N side of Nashville? I am an East Nashvillian and I find it very annoying that we don’t have a Super Walmart at least in the vicinity. They are finally opening one off Dickerson and let me be first to say, it’s about time, but back to my point. There is tons of convenient stuff just 15 minutes away at Indian Lake in Hendersonville.

Besides, Sam’s Sports Bar having awesome drink specials and being super cheap it has the best bar food on the planet! While you are out there, you can hit up Walmart, Home Depot, Cinemas, Barnes and Noble, other eateries and plenty of specialty stores. Oh and they have a Venetian Nail Spa! For people that have had a pedicure at the one in Green Hills, let me just say, this one is way nicer, because it’s newer!

It’s not rocket science or anything, it is just something I didn’t know about until I went…

To get there take 65N, follow Vietnam Veterans Pkwy and then Indian Lake is exit 7 to the right. Do some shopping and come say hello at Sam’s, located right behind Buffalo Wild Wings and Mimi’s Cafe.

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