Hello all,

After having my own personal ups and downs about real estate this week (think I had a mental slump) and life in general, I now feel rejuvenated! I drive around town day after day, only to be reminded of how great this city is.

Growth is everywhere. Entire blocks that didn’t exist 6 years ago (when I moved here) are now booming almost overnight. Take Demonbreun by the round about. When I first arrived in Nashville, there were like 2 business’ over there that were open and looked like no one had been in them in years. It was a ghost town. Now look at it. Home to many great retail and restaurants, such as Dan McGuiness Pub, Tin Roof, Christopher Pizza, as well as becoming a great spot to live. Check out Bristol on Broadway or Rhythm. Those are awesome developments in an excellent part of town.

This is happening all over. The market isn’t bad here. People are still buying and selling like crazy. Regardless, I think Nashville is a great city. I would want to live here and most people I know feel the same way. I refuse to be negative. How can one possibly drive through Nashville, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Mt Juliet, or even Nolensville and not see growth? It’s EVERYWHERE!!

So I awoke today, feeling wonderful and full of love for my city! I received an email from my best pal, Mackenzie (thanks babe!) from aol about the best places to retire. See, Mackenzie lives in Boulder and we tend to compete a little about who lives in the better spot. So, of course, I open this article http://money.aol.com/bp_retire and expect to see Boulder, but to my surprise, it was Nashville! Denver made it too, (good for you Mac)! I keep seeing my city over and over again in these studies. BEST PLACE TO LIVE, BEST PLACE TO RETIRE, BEST PLACE TO RELOCATE, the list goes on and on. NASHVILLE ROCKS! We have a lot to offer someone in the South. Just ask me, I’d be more than happy to fill you in!