The change with DST happens at 2:00AM
This Sunday, November 6th.
And while some studies have shown that Daylight Savings doesn’t save that much energy, the change of time is a good reminder of things that you should do twice a year.
Obviously changing your clocks is a must.
However there are some other things that you should consider doing this week:
Check your batteries.
Some will advise that you should replace all of your batteries in smoke detectors;
they are probably the most important battery powered devices in your home.
Check the Medicine Cabinet.
Is anything seriously beyond its expiration date?
Perhaps it is time to replace them.
If you do throw them out, do it properly—
many drug stores take them back now,
and there are many new drug take-back programs.
Do not throw your old drugs down the toilet-
this is a huge problem, as is putting them in the garbage.
Check the First Aid Kit.
Did you use anything up that needs replacement?
Are all of your emergency supplies up to date?
It is a good time to check.