Hello all,

It is time to take a stand. Congress needs to save down payment assistance program by October 1st. This program is one of the leading homeownership programs in the country. What this program does is allows the buyer to get a 3% down payment from the seller to put down on their home.

In this day and age, people no longer have a lot of money to put down on a house. Practically no one does. I wouldn’t even myself and I have great credit and make a pretty good living. This change would lead many people looking to no longer be able to purchase a home. In return, we would see less buying, a more unstable market and maybe a panic.

Write a letter to Congress
I have been in real estate for 4 years and love it! I am finally getting leads, referrals, past clients, and website leads. I am quite busy right now, but the downside is this… 3 of my current lookers will have to wait to buy if this goes away. All are renters with good credit and good jobs. These aren’t the people buying homes and getting foreclosed on 3 years ago. They just have bills and hard times like anyone else, but want to make a good investment. These people even have money saved, just not enough to pay the whole 3%-5% down they need. People ready and with good credit should be given the chance to make that choice.
Please help us save the down payment assistance. It would be a step in the right direction for the economy. Shouldn’t we encourage educated spending and boost the market? Write your representatives today! Please take just a couple minutes and follow this link and fill it out! It could make all the difference! Write your Congressman!

Thank you,