As we enter March, I am realizing what a cut throat Spring buying season this may be. Listing inventory is down and buyers are out there, looking… and looking and looking some more.

I have been in so many multiple offer situations lately. It’s basically odd to not have another offer on the table when you write up a deal! At least in the city in the city, the outskirts aren’t as bad thus far. Just today alone, I wrote two offers up for seperate buyers, both in multiple offers. One had only 2 offers. The other one? Well there was 6! And we got it! It really could have went either way. It was VERY close, I am told.  Another agent told me a property that sold over the weekend had 29 offers?!?! Serioulsy 29 offers!! Must have been some house! That is not normal and sounds like a nightmare for that listing agent!

Pulling my hair out from this market!

Pulling my hair out from this market!










Be ready. It’s a wild time. Hopefully, knowing what to expect going in will help.  A good Realtor helping you along the way is also key. Keep in good communication with your Realtor. We are busy. We know you are out there, but if you never go look at anything and never reach out, we don’t always remember. I have buyers that have been, well, sort of, kinda, looking for YEARS! Nothing wrong with that. It’s not uncommon, but don’t expect us to remember you every time the perfect house pops up, especially, when we have 3 other people looking aggressively every day! You won’t be on our radar. Sad but true. Think of that old friend you haven’t seen in years. She’s great. You were so close in college and you would do literally anything for her, but dang, you forgot to invite her to your birthday party, because well, frankly, she never was real good about returning calls and then you just sort of, forgot about her temporarily. It happens. I’ve done it. In work and life.

Here is a perfect example: I had been sending listings to a couple for almost a year. We spoke on the phone once. I never met them in person. I tried to set up meetings and showings, but they just never wanted to meet. I understand life is busy and all.  I wrote an offer for them one time. It didn’t work out. I would get an email from them time to time, but not a lot of effort went into it. They never really committed to it. Like I said, they weren’t on my radar. Well one day,  I listed a property that was exactly what they were looking for. It had 5 offers and sold in a day. They didn’t see it until a day later. They were MAD at me. Of course they were. I don’t blame them at all. I should have reached out and absolutely would have, but I just never remembered them. I didn’t even know what they looked like. I couldn’t picture them as MY clients, because I hadn’t meet them. It wasn’t on purpose, it was just that they didn’t make themselves memorable. It’s very hard to admit, but it’s just a fact. I tell you my mistakes, so we can all learn. If you have a Realtor, and you are serious, make sure they know that as well. Meet them. Go look at something. You don’t want to be forgotten.

Lastly, If you see something that may work, maybe not, but eh, maybe, GO LOOK AT IT. Sooner than later. The good ones move quickly right now. A day or two usually. If you wait around, you are opening it up to more people viewing it, more offers coming in and most importantly, more stress. Be proactive! Houses won’t wait for you!

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