I talk all the time to people new to town, thinking of moving here or just curious about why I love Nashville. There are many reasons. The ‘small town’ feel, my neighborhood, the Greenway, music galore. There are tons of reasons. One at the top of the list and dear to my heart is the Nashville Public Library.

Did you know? Nashville has one of the best libraries in the country? The main library is over 300,000 sq ft. It is beautiful building with marble floors and high ceilings. There is even a courtyard with fountains where you can sit read and relax, perfect for people that work downtown. I like to go just for the scenery, even though there is so much more!

I just want to highlight what I really like about the library because many people live here and don’t even know.

Online request– Log in, view what you have checked out, renew your books, and see if you have any fines. Want to request a book? Search for titles and see what is out there. You can even pick which branch you want to pick it up at.


What can you check out?- Books, Cd’s, DVD’s, VHS tapes, Books on tape, books on CD, Playaways (which are preloaded MP3 players)!

What this means?- Basically you have the world at your fingertips! You can learn a language by listening in your car or better yet, on a playaway that you can carry anywhere.

Like music? There are 1000s of cds to choose from. Movies! on DVD and VHS, for free!

Speaking of music- with your library membership, you get 5 free song downloads a week through Freegal. All accessed thru the Library! Download 5 songs straight to your ITunes! And the selection is great!


Want to join a book club? Or not?- There are book clubs of all genres to become a part of. Classics, fiction, comedy, you name it. If groups aren’t your thing, you can even do an online book club. They will email you pages to read!

Monthly events- There are activities for everyone to enjoy. From children storytelling, to meeting authors, even live concerts! EVERY MONTH!

Free parking- Park in the garage and the first 90minutes is free! Just have them stamp your parking pass at the front!

Summer contests- Remember Book IT? How fun was summer reading? Well you can do that all over again. Submit what you are reading for giveaways throughout the summer.



Check out the Nashville Public Library and see for yourself! The friendly staff will assist you and answer any questions you have. You owe it to yourself. It is awesome!