People are always curious what buyers will pay more for in a home. Is it worth for you to add that new countertop? Re-paint the house, prior to listing? Here is an article from THE TENNESSEE ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS with some interesting data.

What will buyers pay EXTRA for? Using data from NAR, a recent USA Today article identifies eleven features. Eight of them and how much extra buyers, on average, would pay for them are:

Central air conditioning: $2,520
New kitchen appliances: $1,840
Walk-in closet in master bedroom: $1,350
Granite countertops: $1,620
Hardwood floors: $2,080
Ensuite master bath: $2,030
Kitchen island: $1,370
Stainless steel appliances: $1,850

VERY low rates available for homebuyers! 15-year rates hit a new record low last week (2.61%), while 30-year rates (3.40%) were near their all-time low as well!