Hello all,

Well don’t you? Love trees that is. You know most people that I sell homes to always request trees. “I want a yard with a nature feel. Wooded”. Yes, I know. I love it too. It makes the yard seem more private and secluded. Provides shade in the horrible heat of the South and definitely just adds a nice touch to the eye. I feel the same way. And here’s a tip: Trees sell.. They really do. To most people….. Now let me tell you about those people who don’t like trees.

I got up this morning with a plan to rake all the leaves in my yard. Yeah right! So here I am 20 bags later and I haven’t even done the front or back. Just the side! ONE SIDE! That’s 20 bags of raking and bending over, pushing the air out of the bags, adding more leaves, pushing the air out, rake more up, over and over and over. It could drive one mad. Then you have to carry the bags upfront to leave them for the city to pick up. I can’t believe how long it’s taking. What a chore! And… it’s freezing. I guess it is better than sitting behind a desk all day or something. It could be worse. The weather is kind of nice and I do get to jam on my ipod, but it’s gonna take forever…..

To end this on an actual helpful website note, In case you didn’t know. There is a reminder you can set up through Nashville’s website to remind you anytime there is a planned leaf or brush pick up. Just go the link and sign up. http://www.nashville.gov/recycle/Information/reminders/reminders.htm

Hope that helps. Now, I’ve got to get back to work on these leaves!

Happy Holidays,