I am commonly asked, “Where are the new hot spots to buy in Nashville?” This is a changing, evolving answer as time goes by. It also depends on your financial position in all honesty, but today I want to address areas for people looking to buy, most likely, their first home. Areas that aren’t impossible to find something for $250,000 or even $150,000 and under.

It’s weird how things happen, but you tend to always have some sort of odd pattern that occurs when you are in sales, like the year I sold 3 people named Carla a house. (Well Carla, Karla and Carly, weird, right?) So like how I specialize in East Nashville, I am starting to have other areas I specialize in because I just happen to get clients looking in those areas.

My picks are:

-East Nashville/ Inglewood


-Woodbine/ Nolensville Rd Area

4509 Graycroft Ave (4 of 41)

First, let’s discuss East Nashville. Now I am not gonna lie to you, East Nashville and Inglewood are getting on up there in prices. It’s pretty mind blowing how much things have changed in the last 2 years in this area. Any thing under $150,000 is gonna either need some serious work or be a pretty small house, depending on where they are located over here. If you want a totally move in ready beauty, you better plan on it being smaller, like 1200-1300 and under.

I just sold an AMAZING house in Inglewood off Stratford for $235,000. Its less than 1100 square feet and only 2 bedroom with 1 bath, but it’s super nice, clean, cute, looks like a page off of Pinterest. Remember, the better the location, the smaller or more renovations it gonna need. I showed another near 5 points. No Central heat and air, needed some curb appeal, but still was a charming home. Size and Price? 2 bedroom 1 bath, 958 sq ft asking $229,000. There are some out there with more sq footage, most commonly around 1500 or less, that may need $15-$20k in work or more. Just depends on the house and location. Remember, this area may be doable, depending on your needs, but a very competitive part of town.


Another area that I have always loved is Donelson. It’s very close to downtown, the interstate and hi-ways and the has a lot of charm to offer.  This area seems to be the place a lot of people are heading to that no longer feel they can find what they want in East Nashville and other parts of town. I just sold a really nice Ranch style home on quiet, nice street for $205,000. The house is over 2000 sq ft, has a master suite, and 2.5 baths with a garage. Now the kitchen is gonna need a facelift, as well as cosmetic stuff throughout, but as a whole, it’s a really cute, totally livable home. And the back yard is AMAZING! Great value!

Under the $150,000 mark is even doable, but again, the more impressive homes are going to be smaller. There was be some around that $130,000 price around 1000-1100 sq ft that may knock your socks off, or maybe only need a little love cosmetically. Staying on top of new listings is the key to getting a shot at these homes.

The last area I have shown like crazy lately is Woodbine. Now “Woodbine” is being used somewhat loosely here. It’s basically the area past the Fairgrounds, near I440 and Nolensville Road. That is probably the HOTTEST pocket over here, but most neighborhoods surrounding Woodbine are sought after as well. I have shown ALL over the place here. There are some great streets for sure. One particular house that comes to mind to me was a 3 bedroom 2 bath house that I had a buyer loose out on, and we offered $205,000. It was only about 1500 sq ft of living space, but was done very nicely. Around the $200,000 or a little more will get you 1300-1700 in decent shape. That’s sort of my rule of thumb for this area of town.

Now these 3 areas are certainly not the only places out there, just 3 I wanted to highlight and point out because I have been seeing many houses in these areas, lately. What area may work for you, may not work for others. Where you work, where you hang out, what you like to do, these are all factors in deciding what area would be the best fit for you. If you are thinking of buying or investing, give me a call. I can help give you some insight on what may be your next HOT SPOT!