I am often asked about moving companies and really I wish I had a go to. I have heard the good, the bad, and the ugly. One of my best friends had her refrigerator door handle broken off, when she moved back from being out of state?! I mean how much force through a door has to occur to break a fridge door handle. No thanks! One of other clients said her movers refused to finish when they saw a brown recluse in a box, so she and her husband had to finish. YIKES!

I do have movers I’ve met and like, but I haven’t used them personally. I don’t really want to refer someone that I haven’t used first hand. Plus, one company Jane loved, may be awful to Joe. It’s tough. Personally, I just want someone who will communicate, show up when they say, and not break my prized plates my mother insisted I register for, but never use!

News Channel 5 has taken some polls and teamed up with Consumer Affairs to get the 411 on local movers that people actually do recommend. Take a look and maybe this link will help you make the right decision.



Happy Moving!