Are you curious about buying a home and what it takes to make it happen? Don’t have a down payment? Worried about the upfront costs?

There are many loan programs out there that can assist you with closing costs, down payment and a variety of things. Some are specific to first time home buyers. Some are for specific jobs, like doctors, teachers, and public service employees. The best way to learn is to research and to ask a Realtor or lender. Our job is to help guide you through these questions and get you the answers you need!

One of the most popular programs around today is the THDA program. It’s a program through the State of Tennessee specific to buyers and helping you get assistance on a mortgage. See the link below and learn more:

I have many posts about the steps and how the process works. Browse my website and look around on the THDA site. Knowledge is power!

Ready to buy?

Ready to buy?







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