For those of you out there that like good chocolate, listen up!


You may be wondering why I am pushing chocolate instead of real estate on my blog? Well…I like to share things about Nashville and what it has to offer. I have written past blogs about some of the very things that makes Nashville what it is. As most of you know, I live in East Nashville and I LOVE it. This is a close knit neighborhood and I wanted to show my support. I had an awesome business experience with Scott at Olive & Sinclair and wanted to share it!


I bought a Groupon to Corrieri’s Formaggeria, which is a cheese shop in 12 South. I had never been there, but the food smelled great and seemed to be a happening hotspot for lunch. The pizzas looked to die for, but sadly I didn’t have time to stay and eat. What I did do was buy a few various items for a Christmas gift and what a lovely surprise to find they had MY East Nashville fav, Olive & Sinclair! I bought 3 bars.


Once I got home I realized we had to eat one. I couldn’t give them all away and not eat just a little. So we did just that. Well turns out the chocolate just didn’t taste right?!? I seemed old or something. My husband agreed. I didn’t know what to do. Should I gift the other 2 when they may taste awful too? I decided to try to get in touch with Olive & Sinclair to ask them.


Olive and Sinclair is awesome! Made in the basement level of Riverside Village, in East Nashville, Olive and Sinclair’s got a pretty impressive business going. Many very unique flavors of chocolate including, Sea Salt (my Fav), Salt and Pepper (my Husbands fav), and even Mexican Style Cinn-Chili that has an awesome bite of flavor. Made from only the best ingredients, this chocolate rocks!


I messaged the company website and Scott, the owner, responded immediately. He said he would be more than happy to switch me out the bars and make it right. Well he did and he was awesome! Turns out the bars were way old, years! They were before the bars even had a born on date, so pretty early in the business. He was great about it. They have been really busy for the holidays, offering some specialty flavors and even a holiday pack that comes in a cute little brown box. Makes a great gift. I also learned that they have teamed up with Terrapin, a brewery out of Athens, Georgia to make the new MOO HOO Milk Stout. A delicious beer perfect for dessert or a sweet treat. It IS YUMMY!


So anyway, the place is cool, the owner is neato and the chocolate is fantastic. Try it out. Sold at Mitchell’s Deli, Whole Foods and many other locations in Nashville. And the Terrapin beer is in stores everywhere!