Man, doesn’t moving make you feel a little overwhelmed? Move everything into one room, box it up, wait till closing, then move it onto a truck, haul it to your destination, un- haul it there, then you still have to put it all away. I’m tired just thinking about it. But did you know? There’s a new moving company in town. 1.800 Pack rat.

I’m sure you’ve seen those white boxes with the big letters POD on them? “Pod” means portable on demand storage. Basically, they dump a wooden box out at your house and you can move at your own leisure. It’s pretty convenient, except that when they come pick up the box, it gets lifted, practically sideways and all your stuff is turned on its side and the box isn’t really insulating anything inside.

Well, with 1.800. pack rat, you don’t have to worry anymore. (’s basically the same concept. They come drop the box off, except, they use a system that keeps the container level at all times! Imagine it, you call 1.800.pack rat, they drop off this steel, weather proof container and you move at your own speed. There’s even the option to leave it at one of there climate controlled warehouses if you like, basically just like a storage unit. Or you can call them to come and move it for you. The cost is cheaper than a moving truck for a weekend and you get it use it for a whole month! It’s an awesome concept. 1-800-pack rat moves all over the US too! Make your life easier and call them on your next move!

Also, as a special offer from me, I will provide a month of 1-800-Pack rat, for every listing I have. You will be amazed at how much easier it is too move with 1-800-Pack rat. Check out their website. You will be amazed.

Happy Trails,