Have you heard about the Nashville Greenway system? It is awesome! Walk, run, Rollerblade, bike, whatever your pleasure, the greenway system’s got it! This Davidson County jewel is worth checking out.

So Sunday morning, I woke up to find the weather outside absolutely delightful. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do, so some friends and I decided to check out the new pedestrian bridge the Greenway just built by Opryland. It was so cool!!

We parked off of Welcome Lane, on Forrest Green, in East Nashville. This is part of the Shelby Bottoms section of the greenway. Follow this link to the Shelby Bottoms Map.


We followed the trail going towards Two Rivers. It was probably about 2.5 miles to the bridge. The walk was great. It was kind of marsh-like walking through. The frogs were in full force and the sun was shining. We couldn’t believe how neat the bridge was. Cumberland Pedestrian Bridge

The bridge sits on a big hill that winds up sharply to the entrance. It made me think of something I saw abroad. It’s really a great hill. At the top, the wind was blowing wildly.


The Greenway is all over Nashville. The goal is to be able to physically get to any neighborhood in Davidson County. There are already many complete sections all over town. If you like to get out, see a little nature and feel out of the city the greenway is the easiest way to do it. It helps promote activity, preserve nature and wildlife, and gives alternatives to transportation.

Please check out the Nashville Greenway website at:


For more pictures of the Cumberland Pedestrian Bridge


To get involved, just contact the Greenways for Nashville Coordinator or the Greenways Commission staff at:
Greenways Commission
Metro Board of Parks and Recreation
PO Box 196340, Nashville, TN 37219-6340

Phone 862-8400
Fax 862-8430

Happy Trails,