About 12 years ago, I started my real estate career. Just a young college grad without a clue in many ways. I had no idea all the parts that go into selling a home. When I got my first home under contract, I learned that I needed a termite inspection for my buyers protection. Having no idea who to call, my broker recommended Jimmy Ivey at Tornado Termite and Pest. I met Jimmy out at that house and that was pretty much a done deal. Now, over a decade later, I still call Jimmy to handle all my termite and pest control needs. Only now, that call may be just a yell to the back of the house, because after years of being work contacts and buddies, I married him!

Jimmy and I on our wedding day.

Now you may think I am biased and all, because of our relationship, but trust me, having someone honest, affordable and with strong integrity is someone I look for in business and life. Don’t you want someone you can trust, that won’t to you and treats you fairly? Well of course! And Jimmy is that person, at least for your pest control and termite needs. You can’t have him for the rest, he’s mine!

All joking aside. Do you know how important and necessary it is to have a termite inspection? As a home buyer, once you have a home under contract, a termite clearance letter is performed to ensure the home does not have any current termite activity. This inspection typically costs between $40-$75 dollars, depending on who you use and where you live. Tornado Termite charges $45.00 dollars. This is well spent money as a buyer. If the home does have termites, here in Tennessee, the cost to treat them usually falls on the seller’s side. That $45.00 inspection could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars for Termite Treatment. A termite infestation sounds scary, but here in the South, it’s pretty common. As Jimmy says, “In Middle Tennessee, the house either has already had termites or it’s gonna get them.” If addressed fairly quickly, most treatments cost less than $1000 dollars (at least performed by Tornado) and many never see a termite infestation again. If left untreated, the damage to the structure of the house could present a much more expensive problem. That’s why having it checked is important.

Something else to keep in mind. Termite letters are not required by all mortgage lenders nowadays. Some real estate agents don’t even set them up or encourage buyers to do them anymore. Make sure your agent is looking out for you and have a termite inspection done before purchasing a home.
If you have any questions about this or what termites look like, please ask. Jimmy is always available to answer questions and help out. Jimmy Ivey 615.578.5107

If you need any monthly, quarterly or even just a one time pest service, he can also help you with that. Nobody likes bugs. Let Tornado take the stress out of the problem!

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